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As stated by the British Medical Foundation:

‘art psychotherapy has a unique contribution to make as a way of reaching clients who sometimes appear unreachable. Art Psychotherapy can address emotional concerns and potentially lead to improved emotional well-being and therefore an ability for clients to make better life choices through their developed sense of self.’

Creative arts expression is a superior way to communicate the devastating effects of trauma and abuse, since it can trigger feelings of empathy, whereas straightforward reporting in words can hide as much as it reveals.

Laub & Podell, 1995

Arts therapies have been shown to help people gain self-awareness, manage symptoms, improve communication with others, release tension, increase concentration and self-confidence and reduce feelings of isolation and exclusion. NHS Foundation Trust.

Art therapy is a recognised psychological therapy available in the NHS and can be helpful for people experiencing depression and anxiety. The use of art materials is a sensory experience and can connect with much younger parts of ourselves and early ‘pre verbal’ experiences. Art therapy can be a safe way of accessing emotions for clients who may otherwise find it difficult (or impossible) to talk about their experiences to another person.

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