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All adults are faced with change, adjusting to relationships, work environments and human relationships can cause confusion, loss of confidence and anxiety.
Some adults may suffer from physical handicaps, addictions, sexual abuse, and trauma etc or may be finding it difficult to process unresolved feelings of loss, separation & divorce.
It is estimated that more than 1 in 6 new mothers are affected by postnatal depression in the UK) art psychotherapy can help to address these issues as well as the conflicts surrounding parenting and with children.
Art psychotherapy can provide an outlet to these relevant issues that may be difficult to express or articulate and has proved to be helpful for adults who suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and recurrent self-defeating behavior.

Older adults are confronted with the ageing process, life-threatening illnesses, multiple losses and changes in self-image and life style. Art psychotherapy aims to improve self -esteem by offering choices and facilitates an environment to explore difficulties, feelings and issues common to this client group of loneliness, loss and dependency.

Art psychotherapy can help to foster a significant increase with individual’s calmness, sociability, physical involvement and mental acuity. Evidence has shown considerable improvement in symptoms and with depression. Through continuity, memory recall is increased leading to clients demonstrating an ability to reclaim their identity through reminiscence.

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