"I have tried lots of ways to try & understand my 'problems' and cannot sort them out. Art therapy has definitely helped/helping me understand a lot more"

"Art therapy provided me with a safe space to express painful and difficult thoughts and feelings that I had been unable to deal with in the past, on a deeper level and to discover feelings and thoughts I had previously been unaware of. At times during therapy I would talk whilst making an image and express very difficult emotions without realising I was doing so.”

"Sessions have helped me express things inside me which would otherwise have been suppressed. They have helped me gain insights into myself & my life situation and highlight issues that I didn't know were inside me. Sometimes, when just using words, my real feelings are avoided & drawing & colour helps me to get in touch with what is going on at a deeper level.”

parents & carers

“We have seen how art therapy has been very supportive of X and helped us as a family to understand our home dynamic with X and how we can best help”

“X now seems more affectionate, tactile and physical with me since coming to art therapy.”

“X is no longer expressing suicidal tendencies since coming to art therapy and seems far less morbid.”


“We are glad to have you on our team as we realise that we were managing the behaviour and now you are actually treating it for these children.”

“The children’s deeper issues are being therapeutically addressed and they now have the opportunity to work through them safely and on a long term basis with a professional therapist.”

“X is far more confident now and taking part much more in school activities and in class.”


“My Mum has said that I talk more with her now since I’ve been coming to art therapy!"

"I can now see what I feel and draw my feelings in my pictures, then talk about them.”

“Art therapy has helped me to learn how to talk about how I feel about things and I was listened to. I didn’t know I could say how I was feeling about things before I came ”


“As a doctor interested in whole person medicine, I have personally explored many types of holistic approaches including psychotherapy, group therapy, family constellation work, voice dialogue, Provocative Therapy, Autogenic Therapy, TM, homeopathy, acupuncture, Alexander work, rebirthing, holotropic breath work, Rolfing and other types of bodywork and more. However the course of 10 Art Therapy sessions gave me more ‘juice’ than them all. In terms of value for money, it certainly came top of the table. Maybe Art Therapists don’t really know how powerful their work with image making is compared to other forms of psychotherapy.”

Dr. Brian Kaplan MBBCh. FFHom

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