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Holly is a state registered art psychotherapist, clinical supervisor & founder of artisan affirmation.

Holly is a professional artist and Master’s graduate from the Royal College of Art, who realised whist training therapeutically, that creativity had to be professionally included within her role as a therapist and therefore went onto graduate with a masters in Art psychotherapy from Goldsmiths University. This enabled her to maximise the potential of psychotherapy and creativity, which together produce an effective therapeutic approach that evidently engenders personal transformation, emotional growth and well-being.

Holly is experienced with working in diverse urban settings, within education, women’s organisations and CAMHS. She is therefore comfortable and able to foster and maintain sensitive and professional relationships with clients from varied backgrounds, cultures and experiences.

Holly works eclectically with a psychodynamic leaning and incorporates mindfulness principles into her practice. She has a sensitive, respectful and non-judgmental approach that enables her to engage with her clients and with those who may have experienced difficulty in approaching other therapeutic services. She brings to her practice over twenty-fiveyears of arts, education and therapeutic experience, as well as the synthesis of her professional, personal and practical experiences as a therapist, artist, educator, coach and parent. Holly is inspired and committed to encourage and supportthe therapeutic needs necessary for personal transformation, emotional growth and well being.

Her areas of interest and experience are, emotional trauma, attachment, anxiety, domestic violence, abuse & pre and postnatal issues.

Holly works with all age groups from children, young people to adults. She works closely with the parents and carers of children to ensure systemic practice.

Holly offers individual or group sessions, long term or short focused support, depending upon the individual needs of her clients and the organisational setting she is operating alongside.

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